Seeing Liturgy/Hearing Scripture/Seeking Justice

Connecting Scripture to Art and Social Justice

This long term program seeks to connect our foundational scriptures to a pressing social issue in the 21st century.  Many congregations have particular social justice concerns that resonate for them.  Participants will initially gather to choose one such issue, and then to select passages from scripture that speak to it.  We will share stories from our experiences of how these passages relate to that theme.  Artists in the congregation will then be invited to bring those passages to life in visual form.  Once the artworks are completed, participants will come together to create an exhibition that showcases both the scriptures and the art. If desired, the exhibition can also be enhanced by the creation of a liturgy around it, so that it can be incorporated into worship (for example, many Christian congregations pray the Stations of the Cross at specific times during Lent.  What if a liturgy for a "Stations of Mass Incarceration" or "Stations of Opioid Addiction" was created for use during a different part of the liturgical year?)